We are updating familyWORKs to be more interactive, discussion based, and hands on, so that you leave every meeting with something that helps you move forward. We want to move through topics over the year that families want and help them develop skills to create good lives with their sons or daughters. Check out or new topics, and stay tuned for dates in your area!FamilyWORKs RefreshPoster

New Project – The Job Impact

Do you have positive stories about employment?

We are launching a familyWORKs social media campaign to reach new families through Facebook and Instagram by publishing positive and inspirational stories of real individuals participating in employed roles.

The Job Impact Facebook

We are aiming to inspire families by demonstrating that career success with a disability is possible and achieved by many!

We encourage everyone to get involved with this fun and creative project by gathering any individual to share photos and a short write-up about their career experiences (what they enjoy, a funny story, etc). 

This project is open to all families, organizations, and employers to share their stories on achieving more inclusive employment opportunities.

Please support familyWORKs’ new project and spread the word to help us reach people throughout all of BC!

Send submissions to with your story, picture, and consent form

Consent form:
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