Employment and PWD

We have heard from an official at MSD about what happens when a person is working and receiving benefits from PWD. They have said the following:
  • Recipients of disability assistance are required to submit a monthly declaration before the 5th of if they have any change to their situation; i.e. income, change of address, add a dependent etc.
  • The ministry requires that the declaration is submitted before the 5th day of the following month in which the income is received in order to allow time for processing.
  • The client will continue to be covered by the ministry’s Pharmacare coverage. Once the client continues to report income that is over the total disability rate/allowance the client will not be eligible for disability assistance benefits however, will continue to receive Medical Services Only for a period of 12 months.
  • If the client’s employment ceases and are in need of disability assistance, the client would contact the ministry and be required to proceed through the process of reapplication.  The ministry will request documents from the client in order to reassess their eligibility for disability assistance.  The client will be required to submit documents that contain current income/asset/living information.  If the person has previously been designated as a Persons With Disabilities by the ministry the designation itself will still be recognized.  The reassessment will be to determine eligibility for financial assistance.

If you require further information please call:

Laurie-Anne Chow who is the A/Manager Community Relations and Service Quality @ 778-628-3549
We also understand that the rules are somewhat different for people who are self-employed and we are waiting to hear more on this.


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