BC’s New Employment and Labour Market Services (ELMS)

British Columbia has embarked on moving many specialized services related to employment into the new Employment and Labour Market Services (ELMS) program. As a result, services like Triumph and Polaris are no longer providing services to people with disabilities. The Ministry of Social Development has hired a number of contractors to provide a “one stop shop” intended to serve the typical population and people who have barriers to employment. You can access the contractor in your area by checking the list on the WorkBC website.

The WorkBC Centres website states the following: “The Employment Program of B.C. replaces four provincially funded employment programs and six programs funded under the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement with an integrated approach for British Columbians needing services. The new program will make it easier for people to find work and provide stability for their families through a wide range of integrated employment services and supports.”

The WorkBC Centres are just getting started and how they will serve people with developmental services is unknown. At the same time, many agencies for Community Living who serve people with developmental disabilities have developed supported and customized employment agencies that specialize in assisting people find employment. These services can be accessed via a referral from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC).

If people are accessing the new WorkBC Centres please leave a comment and let us know about your experiences with the new services.

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