Report from the Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons With Disabilities

The Government of Canada appointed a panel in July 2012 to consult with private sector employers, organizations and individuals, on the participation of people with disabilities in the Labour Market. The panel members were asked to surface best practices in the employment of people with disabilities, as well as the barriers faced by employers. The in-person and telephone consultations were conducted with almost 70 employers, and feedback was received from approximately 130 online submissions. In addition to the consultations, research was also conducted into the business case associated with hiring people with disabilities.

In this regard, the Panel offered a number of suggestions to employers: open your mind, assess how inclusive your organization is, involve human resources, educate staff, partner with others, and share your successes with the community. You can read the full report here. If you want more background you can check the Economic Action Plan Website or click on this link on the reaction from the Canadian Association for Community Living.

We know that families are in contact with employers so families… please share with an employer you know and have influence with so that we can begin to shift attitudes about employment for our loved ones.

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