Prince George familyWORKs Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Join the Prince George familyWORKs meeting Tuesday, March 8, at AiMHi on Kerry Street. Please see the message below from the facilitator, Gord:

This is just a friendly reminder that there will another meeting of familyWORKs at AiMHi on Tuesday at 7:00 PM. Please come out and meet other parents and family members to talk about the possibilities for employment for our sons and daughters. This initiative is targeted at parents and family members, not paid caregivers, service providers, employment professionals, or educators, like other programs such as Ready Willing and Able.

I know for some of you it may be hard to conceive of employment for  your loved one, but I think you may be surprised by what is happening in this area, even for people who on the surface seem to have little to nothing to offer an employer. I can tell you that we used to feel that way about Bree-Anna but we don’t anymore.

Hope to see you there. Please use the entrance on the far right of the front of the building.

Gordon Robertson

Facilitator, Central Interior Chapters

familyWORKs BC


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