Richie’s Employment Story

‘Cheerful’, ‘kind-hearted’ and ‘friendly’: These three words sum up the essence of Richie Reyes. From the moment you meet Richie, you can see that he emits a positive energy that he transmits to everyone. Nowadays, Richie is sharing his vitality and great attitude with others more and more and proving to be a valued member of the White Spot team at Oakridge Town Centre.

Let’s rewind to February 2013 to when Richie first came to CBI Consultants. Following completion of high school, Richie’s goal was to make the transition to the workforce and become more independent. CBI Consultants worked with Richie to assist and support him in this transition, to find meaningful part-time employment that fit his Ideal Conditions of Employment (ICE). Richie successfully completed the 14 week self-determination program where he learned about self-advocacy, the best vocational fit for his gifts and preferences, and tips on how to secure a job. Not only did Richie learn new skills pertaining to employment, he also had the opportunity to work on his communication and social skills. The CBI Employment team saw Richie truly transform from a timid, shy and prompt-dependent young man, to a comical, outgoing and vibrant person ready to join the workforce.

Thus, Richie’s job search began. Richie had accumulated a great deal of volunteer and unpaid work experience through positions at various organizations and companies, but had yet to find paid employment. He decided to join CBI’s Job Club where he had the opportunity to work with others seeking employment like himself. Every other Monday, Richie went out into the community with the other members of Job Club and CBI’s Employment Specialists, to approach managers at businesses that fit his ICE and personally apply for paid work.

Diligence and hard work paid off. Richie was given the opportunity to interview with the manager of White Spot at Oakridge Town Center. White Spot was in need of assistance in tidying and preparing the restaurant for the lunch and dinner rushes and needed someone to come in for 2 hours, twice a week in order to provide that support. Richie was a perfect fit for the job. CBI provided interview preparation support to Richie so that he felt fully ready for the interview. To his delight, he got the job and soon thereafter began his first paid position at White Spot!

Richie began his duties with the support of a job coach from CBI and over the course of 3 weeks became increasingly comfortable in his duties and carries them out independently and in a timely manner. He is always early for work and demonstrates focus, dedication and pride in all the tasks he completes during his shift. Richie is now an expert in tasks such as cleaning menus and dining areas, preparing cutlery, and general assistance of the hosts and hostesses. Management was impressed with his work and Richie was promoted to the position of busser, where he has excelled at for the past two years. He is making friends at work and continuing to come out of his shell. In addition, Richie has also learned how to take the bus and SkyTrain to work and home with the help of CBI and no longer relies solely on HandyDART. He truly has become an independent working man, which was his goal going into the customized employment program at CBI Consultants.

CBI Consultants is very proud of Richie Reyes and his success!

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