Kyrsten Helps Serve Up Summer


Kyrsten is a young woman who was interested in working.  She had connected with the School District #35 work experience program during the school year and had recently finished a successful placement at Bob’s Bar and Grill.  When Youth Works staff met with Kyrsten at their intake meeting, she expressed that she would love to have a paid job there for the summer if possible.  Youth Works staff approached the owner, Bob Long, who agreed to offer her paid summer employment.  Kyrsten worked closely with the head server, Angela, who provided support and direction to Kyrsten during her shifts. Angela had nothing but praise for Kyrsten and was happy to have her help during the summer.  Kyrsten spent her time at Bob’s clearing tables after lunch and resetting them for the dinner service.  She filled salt and pepper shakers, rolled cutlery in napkins, filled jugs with ice water, used the pop gun to pour drinks and other tasks as necessary.  Kyrsten’s job was within walking distance from home so she was able to independently get to and from work. She was proud of this and it gave her the opportunity to stay longer at work when they needed her to. Her parents are proud of her hard work as is the Youth Works team! Way to go Kyrsten!

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