Ryerson’s Employment Story

ryersonRyerson is pulling in the green!

Ryerson came to his intake appointment with Youth Works dressed to impress and eager to try his hand at summer employment.  His parents were super supportive, and Mom called the employment office regularly with suggestions of places for the consultants to approach.  She went beyond what we asked for in the commitment agreement from families!  Ryerson’s ideal job was to make French fries, but as we tell students, they won’t always get their ideal job at first.  Youth Works did, however, secure a landscaping job at a farm.  He was stoked when he arrived for his first shift to see his good friend was his co-worker!   He worked side-by-side with his friend and together they learned to use pruning shears to cut over growth around a pond, pull weeds, and prune trees.  Ryerson learned about working hard and taking pride in his work. He also learned that pulling in the “green” is a lot better then sitting on the couch playing video games.  It was a pleasure to watch you learn and grow this summer Ryerson!  We will look forward to seeing you again next summer!

Created in partnership with the Langley Association of Community Living:


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