Leslie’s Employment Story

Leslie’s story is a great example of perseverance!

When Youth Works staff first met with Leslie he told them he wanted quiet, outside work, landscaping at a farm within walking distance from his home. Youth Works was able to find just a job, but when he tried it, it wasn’t what Leslie had expected and he didn’t want to continue.  Youth Works approached Leslie again to apply for a custodian position at the mall as it would also be outside, quiet and within walking distance of his home.  He interviewed and was offered employment, but unfortunately the position was discontinued.  However, the manager Rose, really liked Leslie so when another position came up she offered it to him first.  He was hesitant about the hours being long, so Youth Works staff asked if it was possible to shorten the shifts.  Rose agreed.  Leslie was hired as a relief worker.  Youth Works staff supported him to learn his job which entails maintaining the cleanliness of the mall, including checking/cleaning bathrooms, emptying garbage cans, and answering calls on the radio to clean up spills. His family was very supportive and drove him to interviews and shifts at work, as well as ensuring he had proper clothes and a watch.

Not only will Leslie return to grade 11 in the fall, but will return with skills and experiences that he didn’t have before. As an added bonus  he will also return to school with  an ongoing part-time job!   Keep up the good work Leslie!


Created in partnership with the Langley Association for Community Living:


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