Me encanta trabajar aquí! (I love working here!)


Me encanta trabajar aquí!
(I love working here!)

Esteban applied to Youth Works as he was eager to get some experience in the working world and earn some money for the summer!  He hasn’t had an opportunity to do work experience at school yet as that starts in Grade 11, but he didn’t want to wait that long! There was an opportunity to try dish washing for a few days to see if this was something he wanted the Youth Works team to pursue for him. And that turned out to be a definite yes!

Youth Works set out to find him a job that was a great fit, and they came across a job that was beyond perfect. A  Mexican restaurant where many of the staff speak Spanish which is his first language. Not only does Esteban assist the dishwasher and get to try out other positions there on a regular basis, he also speaks Spanish with the other staff which he really enjoys! Esteban enjoys his job and says, “I am  excited to go to work each shift.” He also gave his employer Baldo, a shout out, “he is an awesome boss!”

His employer is so happy with his work ethic and performance that he wants him to continue working there when he is back in school.  Sounds like a perfect match was made here, felicitaciones buen trabajo Esteban!!!

Created in partnership with the Langley Community Association for Community Living – Youth Works:


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