Our Values
familyWORKs believes that families have the power and responsibility to lead the way in strengthening the participation of people with disabilities in our economic community.

Our Vision

A community that uses the knowledge and social capital of families to advance the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Our Mission

  • To bring families together to share knowledge and interpersonal connections to increase the inclusion of people with disabilities in the economic community as workers, entrepreneurs, consumers, and taxpayers.
  • Partner with members within the economic community in chapters across BC and participate in employment initiatives.
  • To support families through the Family Support Institute’s Resource Parent Network.

familyWORKs started as a family based economic inclusion project and is the brainchild of Maggie Vilvang of 2010 Legacies Now. Maggie led familyWORKs through visioning, the mission statement, and the strategic planning process that gave us the structure required to move forward.

The Burnaby Association for Community Inclusion was the host of familyWORKs at its inception. In 2012, BACI gifted the familyWORKs initiative to the Family Support Institute of British Columbia (FSI) and has provided in-kind support so that the project could be grown to a provincial scale,  building chapters of familyWORKs in communities across British Columbia. The governance group of familyWORKs was first chaired by Kathy and Denis Bell who after moving the group forward at the start, moved off to the island. Masa Takai then chaired the group next for a period of time until the chair was assumed by Kevin Lusignan. When the project required some staff support, Kevin resigned the chair and took the role of Project Coordinator. familyWORKs was funded in part through an Innovation Grant from Community Living British Columbia, and in part through 2010 Legacies Now. It now has several sponsors with CLBC and Vancouver Foundation being the largest contributors.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. I work with families staying at an emergency homeless shelter in Moorhead, MN. Part of my job is to visit with families about their assets and needs. Are you familiar with any resources that might be of benefit to me?


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