familyWORKs Chapters

The Family Support Institute with the support of sponsors, is creating familyWORKs chapters around British Columbia that will bring families together to learn the different approaches in finding employment for people with differing abilities.


 Conversations regarding Employment

familyWORKS is intended to help families dream, believe and receive information about how to best achieve employment for their family members who live with a disability.

We invite you to sit down with others and explore the stories of others, learn, ask questions, and share concerns or passions about the best approaches to get employment for your family members.

 Come, join in and have open discussions with other families on the subject of employment.  The vision of familyWORKS is to have an ongoing conversation with families about employment issues for people with disabilities.  We will meet to hear presentations, guest speakers and learn from each other.

Burnaby: Rachel Goddyn                                 

Tri-cities: Bob Kashyap                                     

Kelowna: Tracey Beckett                                  

North Shore: Anne Millerd                              

Prince George: Gord Robertson                     

South Fraser: Tyrone Kennedy                       

Vancouver: Anne Millerd                                 

Victoria: Rachel Skidmore                               

Fraser Valley: Debby Simcoe                            

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5 thoughts on “familyWORKs Chapters

    • Hi Patricia,
      I will forward your email to the familyWORKs leader, Marta. Until then There is a meeting in Burnaby April 8th.

  1. […] Another option for families to connect with FSI in their community is by attending a familyWORKs meeting. These meetings are intended to be conversations with other families about all topics in employment for people with disabilities from preparing for a job search to getting comfortable with supports in the workplace. These meetings are currently in six regions of the province: Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley, Vancouver Island, and Kamloops. For more information on upcoming meetings visit […]

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