Fraser Valley

We are now in Fraser Valley!

Meet our Fraser Valley facilitator, Debby Simcoe


Debby and her husband, Rod, are parents of three adult children, the youngest with a chronic case of acute individuality. She realized when her son was a toddler, that the biggest barrier to his quality of life was going to be people’s attitudes toward him. Her passion has been to shake up the perceptions many have of people with intellectual disabilities and have a great time doing it. Debby assists her youngest son, Ben, with his entertainment business as a voice impressionist, Impressions etc.  In 2010, she and her son participated in the year long curriculum through UBC, the Canadian Inclusive Lives Learning Initiative (CILLI). This course was a catalyst for change. She gained insights into self-determination, the service system, planning for the future; and as a result set powerful, new goals with her son.  Debby volunteers as a co-facilitator for Vancouver’s Next Chapter Book Club which is a reading club for adults with disabilities and they meet up each week at a coffee shop to read together, share insights about the characters and plot of the current book, and just enjoy each other’s friendship.

Debby is also a Resource Parent with the Family Support Institute, has co-presented ‘Discovering Your Gifts’ at the 2014 Inclusion BC Conference, and has met and worked with many, many outstanding individuals along the way.  For the past two years, she has spent five days a week caring for her four year old grandson which has added much joy to an already good life. Debby is excited to be facilitating the familyWORKs Central Fraser Valley Chapter and joining other families as they navigate the employment journey with their sons and daughters.

Upcoming Meetings:

Tuesday March 5, 2019

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