It is an old adage that “it’s who you know” that gets you jobs. One way to increase the connections that may be valuable in the search for employment is social asset-mapping which is surfacing and documenting our connections in the community with our family, friends, colleagues, and other community contacts.

We have developed a set of FSI Asset Mapping Questions that will assist you to start to think about the connections in you or your family members life. We encourage you to download it and start the process of thinking about the possible connection in your network. It is sometimes helpful to make your connections visual so you can see the whole system. In this respect, you can download for free the “Personal Brain” mind mapping software to assist you in the mapping process.


Screenshot of BACI Brain

We want families to feel safe, so on the form just use first names to identify your contacts. You will know who they are but we won’t. Or describe it anyway that keeps information private. If in the future there is a potential match, we will contact you first and you can choose to help out or not – it is really up to you.

Our thinking is as follows: you have a family member who wants to work and is good at certain tasks and has certain preferences. So we look in our database and discover that I know someone who has a business that aligns with your family members talent. So, if I am willing to make an introduction and “warm up the contact,” your family member has a better possibility of getting sustainable employment.

The larger the database we have the better the chance we can make a match. The scheme depends on our mutual goodwill and reciprocity. We are going to do our best to increase our success of getting and keeping employment opportunities. We hope that you will accept our invitation and join us in this endeavor.


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